Caledonian Kitchen Haggis

HagridWhen Pamela first told me that she was ordering Scottish Haggis to sell in the Happy Eggplant I immediately thought of the big, furry guy from Harry Potter. I only saw the first movie and never read the books, but this character stuck in my memory. What didn’t stick was his name: Hagrid.

What the Eggplant DOES carry is premium quality Caledonian Kitchen brand Haggis. As Scotland’s national dish this American version combines meat (usually lamb or beef) with oatmeal, onions, salt, and spices. 

Because the USDA doesn’t approve of some ingredients used in the Scotland produced form, Caledonian Kitchen devised a similar recipe.

Made in a family owned cannery in Ohio with USDA inspection and approval it contains all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, MSGs, or pork fat. 

Like a savory pudding, this popular dish is meaty, oaty, moist, and has a soft, crumbly texture like stuffing.  With an earthy flavor and a spicy kick, it’s become a favorite among non-Scots as well!


Haggis gained even more notoriety when the Scottish poet Robert Burns dedicated an entire poem – Address To Haggis – in 1787. “Burns Night” is celebrated each year on the poet’s birthday (January 25) when Scots around the world pay tribute to his life and works. The festivities include dancing, singing, poetry, whiskey, a delicious meal and lots of Haggis!

And now some Fun Facts about this beloved Scottish food:

  • Haggis comes in different colors, ranging from light brown to almost black, depending on the proportion of ingredients.
  • There is a Scottish sport called ‘haggis hurling’, which can often be seen at Highland Games.
  • You can find haggis-flavoured crisps and chocolate in Scotland.
  • Haggis ice cream is also a thing!
  • The plural of haggis is… haggis.  🙂

The two types available at the Eggplant are Lamb and Highland Beef Haggis. We also carry Uncle Roy’s Haggis Sauce with Redcurrants, Whisky and a kick of horseradish. A great compliment to your Haggis or delicious on its own. 

Check out the selection the next time you stop in. See you then!


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