Happy National S’mores Day

A hand holding a s'more

Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

Did you ever wonder how s’mores got their start?

I never gave it much thought. But, on a recent trip to Deep Creek Lake, MD, I enjoyed these chocolatey delights every night and DID wonder how much weight I’d gain!

The Hashtag Calendar recognizes August 10th as National S’mores Day, so I decided
to check it out.

Apparently, the first recipe for s’mores appeared in the 1920s in a Girl Scout booklet entitled Tramping and Trailing With Girl Scouts. This recipe was for a campfire delicacy called “Some Mores” by Loretta Scott Crew. Anyone who has eaten one can figure out how they came up with the name!

The first known use of the word s’more was by Merriam Webster Dictionary in 1974. The traditional s’more consisting of one graham cracker rectangle, one marshmallow, and half of a 1.5 oz. bar of milk chocolate contains about 200 calories. For our Weight Watcher friends that translates to nine Freestyle SmartPoints.

A healthier option is to substitute whole wheat graham crackers, dark chocolate, and lower-sugar marshmallows for the original recipe. 

With only three ingredients this campfire treat is easy to assemble:
  1. Graham crackers – These crunchy delights were initially created by a Presbyterian minister in the 1820s. Something of a health nut, he promoted a vegetarian diet which included unrefined wheat flour.
  2. Chocolate – Which originated in the Mesoamerican region.
  3. Marshmallows – Which originated in ancient Egypt.

Different people like their s’mores done in different ways. Some enjoy a gooey interior with a lightly toasted exterior. Others prefer theirs well-done with the marshmallows burnt black. Anyone wanting softer, warmer chocolate can put the s’mores together, wrap in aluminum foil, and place near the fire. However, this method sacrifices that yummy toasted aspect of the marshmallow.

S’mores don’t have to be reserved for camping trips. They can be made at home via the stove, microwave, oven, and grill.

Here are “s’more” fun facts in case you ever appear on Who Wants to a Millionaire 🙂 :

Yellow Blogger's Daily Routine Timeline Infographic-1
There are many tasty variations of this campfire favorite. Celebrate the day by making s’mores for dessert tonight and please share your ideas and favorites in the comments!

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