What’s In a Happy Mug?

Cream being added to a cup of Happy Mug Coffee
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

If your morning cup of Joe doesn’t put a smile on your face, then maybe it’s time to try Happy Mug Coffee!

Located in nearby Edinboro, Happy Mug is a wholesale roaster that supplies coffee, tea, smoothies, syrups, and chai to a variety of businesses, offices, and community groups throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania.

They also ship unroasted beans (known as green coffee) to various small and home roasters around the country and will private label their products for interested sellers.

Happy Mug only buys organically grown beans from responsible sources. Because most coffee comes from third world countries, there continue to be ongoing problems with slave labor, corruption, and environmental abuses. “Responsible coffee” means the farmers are treated well and their farming practices respect the earth. One example is that only natural pesticides (if any) are used.

However, the co-ops that Happy Mug contract with are certified, transparent about their policies, and rated among the top 3% of the best tasting coffees in the world.

If you’re interested in joining the coffee club, call or stop in at the Happy Eggplant to sign up. Once a month, Pamela sends out an email and you can place a personal order when she orders for the store. She’ll notify you via email when the orders are ready for pickup. 

Typically, the available selections remain the same and are listed below.

The Happy Mug Coffee logo: a mug with smiling face

The Happy Eggplant Coffee Club offerings:

Standard Coffees (Whole Bean or Ground)
$8.95 – 12 oz. pkg.

Animated Espresso – Dark – Caramel, Nutty
Artist’s Blend – Medium – Traditional, Citrus, Sweet
Balanced Costa Rica – Medium – Floral, Nutty, Caramel
Bear Blend – Medium – Dark. Raisin, Figs, Chocolate

Breakfast Blend – Medium – Traditional
Enchanting India – Dark – Spices, Clean
French Roast – Dark – Caramel, Smoky
Italian Roast – Extra Dark – Smoky, Ashy
Mokka-Java Blend – Medium – Mild Fruit, Full-bodied
Outdoorsy Sumatra – Dark – Tobacco, Smoky, Earthy
Rainy Day Blend – Dark – Chocolate, Earthy, Full-bodied
Renegade Guatemala – Med/Dark – Chocolate, Nuts
Traditional Colombia – Med/Dark – Traditional, Nutty
Decaf Espresso – Dark – Caramel
Decaf House Blend – Medium, Caramel
Decaf Rainy Day Blend – Dark – Leather, Chocolate, Spice

Special Mug Coffees – (Whole Bean or Ground)
$11.25 – 12 oz. pkg.

Bigfoot Espresso – Medium – Balanced, Chocolate, Cherry, Sweet
Decaf Guatemalan – Dark – Dark Chocolate, Creamy
Decaf Sumatra Water Process – Dark Roast – Dark Chocolate, Full-body
Costa Rica La Minita – Light – Maple, Lemon, Caramel
Ethiopia Sidamo Natural – Light – Strawberry, Chocolate
Ethiopia Guji Natural – Light – Peach, Effervescent
Kenya Peaberry – Dark – Raspberry, Mineral
Kenya AA – Light (ETA 7/5)
Mexico Honey (for Espresso) – Medium – Lime Juice, Butter, Toffee, Sweet finish
Sumatra Peaberry – Dark – Spice notes, Tobacco (ETA 7/5)  

Flavored Coffees – (Ground ONLY)
$8.95 – 12 oz. pkg.

Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan coffee with natural flavoring added. Also available with Decaf Water Process Honduras as the base in minimum quantities of TWO – 12 oz. packages per flavor.  Please specify if you want decaf.

Banana Nut Bread 
Blueberry Muffin
California Gold Rush 
Chocolate Almond 
Cinnamon Bun 
Coconut Rum
Creme Brulee 
Irish Cream 
Jamaican Paradise 
Pecan Sticky Roll
Vanilla Bean 
Vanilla Spice

For more information visit the Happy Mug website.


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