Food Trend Predictions for 2018: Part 2

Assorted types of bread & grains#1 – Ancient Grains

Our Food Trends of 2018 series continues with an eye on healthy eating. Just as consumers are moving away from processed foods towards “whole foods” ancient grains are growing in popularity.

Bread, cereals, noodles, snacks, and bakery products will contain more ancient grains like amaranth, lupinespelt, and Khorasan Wheat, also known by its brand name Kamut.

#2 – Fermented/Pickled Vegetables

Gut health is another concern for conscientious consumers. While some raw veggies can cause bloating, those that are pickled or fermented can aid in digestion. They contribute probiotics which add microbiomes to properly break down foods, aid in nutrient absorption and eliminate toxins.

Sales of products like misokimchi, and kefir will most likely increase.

Impossible Foods Meatless Burger

#3 – Meat Alternatives

Meatless diets get a boost from heme a molecule that mimics the characteristics of actual meat.

One source believes it may pave the way to more environmentally sustainable meat alternatives.


#4 – Heritage Meats

Alas, carnivores still want the real deal and heritage breed meats offer that plus the value of meat that has unique genetic traits raised on sustainable and organic farms. This non-commercial livestock breed preserves historic and rare breeds that are now threatened with extinction.

A doughnut with cream colored frosting and slivered almonds

#5 – Boutique Doughnuts

So much for sprinkles.

Doughnut lovers will be thrilled to hear about the non-traditional flavors, fillings, and toppings being used in boutique doughnut shops around the world.

How about espresso cardamom, banana malt, and pear clove sound? Or, doughnuts stuffed with Snickers bars? 

While not rating high on the healthy food scale, these bakery delights are expected to be high on the list of trends this year!

Stay tuned for more food trends!

Photos: Courtesy of Pixabay and Impossible Foods



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