Food Trend Predictions for 2018

A rack of bananas with grocery shopper in the background.Big changes are happening in the food world with Grocery now considered to be a “cool” industry.

Yep, you read that right…grocery is the new up and coming business.

Talent from top schools and companies that wouldn’t have considered a career in this field a few years ago are being drawn to it.

And some are raising millions of dollars for their own startups.

The new retail model demands a consumer-centric environment that makes their lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable. 

Below are some of the trends you can expect to see in the new year…

#1 – Farming

The community”s desire for a more direct connection to the farm is growing. Specifically, with local farms and co-ops. People care about where and how their food is grown and more are turning to a plant-based diet.

Agriculture used to be done on family farms by second and third generation farmers. Today, the number of farmers under age 35 is increasing, with 69% holding college degrees. They are expected to introduce us to a new era of agriculture.

Vertical indoor farming is more efficient bringing more farms closer to where people live, reducing expense and environmental impact.

#2 – Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t just for zen masters anymore! Millennials reflect a new consumer attitude that wants to truly understand everything possible about a particular food or beverage and then support the company, whether it be a brand or a retailer, by aligning with its values and supporting it with purchases.

The body-mind connection is a powerful one and savvy consumers want to know and understand ingredient lists.

The approach to food has changed and is of a more mindful nature. People don’t make assumptions about what they’re eating, good or bad. Movies, documentaries, and books no longer scare us into change, preferring to inspire us instead. 

#3 – Tactile

There’s probably no profession that engages the sense of touch more than a chef’s. Multi-sensory is the new secret weapon for food in products, in their packaging, and in the store. 

It’s not enough to simply taste the food. People want to have the whole experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling it, as well. 

Have you heard of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) yet? I was new to this sensation until I started researching for this article. People on YouTube are gaining millions of followers for their videos like Baby Cakes that offers a new dimension to feeling and hearing food.

#4 – Technofoodology

Technofoodology and Artificial Intelligence are modernizing the traditional grocery store and how we purchase our food supplies. Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, and other virtual assistants make replenishing our stock quite easy. 

#5 – Competitive Dining

More social media buffs are expected to enter the fray of competitive dining. With shows like Master Chef, Come Dine With Me, and the BBC’s Big Family Cooking Showdown, Instagram Feeds and Facebook Groups will explode with new and inventive dishes from at-home budding chefs seeking attention and fame.

There are many more trends expected in the new year. Watch for our next post where we’ll showcase 5 more!


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