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Stonewall Kitchen Lemon Parsley hand soap & lotion

With a few cherished recipes and an entrepreneurial spirit Stonewall Kitchen of York, Maine got their start in 1991 selling homemade items to local farmers’ markets.

They were well received and quickly grew in popularity. Adding to those initial offerings the company now produces a wide array of jams, grilling sauces, simmering sauces, mustards, and dessert sauces.

Their desire to manufacture a more complete line of home products led to the creation of cleaning supplies, hand soaps, and lotions.

Unlike harsh chemicals, they blend essential oils of herbs, flowers, and fruits to create a beautifully fragrant experience.

The following varieties are available:

  • Hand soaps/lotions – Coastal Breeze, Grapefruit Thyme, Lemon Parsley, Lavender Mint, Herbs de Provence.
  • Window/Countertop cleaner – Lavender Mint and Lemon Parsley (NOTE: This cleaner is safe for sealed surfaces only. It’s not recommended for unsealed surfaces or marble.)
  • Room Deodorizer/Linen Spray – Lavender Mint

If you’re in need of a housewarming, hostess, or any occasion gift, Stonewall Kitchen is a terrific option!

It’s a quality choice for people who prefer natural products over chemicals. 

Stop in and try a sample for yourself!

See you next time!


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