Are Gourmet Kitchens More Than Just Beautiful?

Beautiful upscale gourmet kitchen

If you’ve ever scanned the residential real estate ads you may have seen the term gourmet kitchen.

I used to think this simply meant a stylish kitchen with an island, like the one pictured here…beautiful!

But, there’s more to it than just aesthetics. In the kitchen design business gourmet means practicality.

It suggests a state-of-the-art culinary setup equipped with a range of special features, appliances, and accessories that make gourmet cooking at home a reality.

Contrary to popular belief, a gourmet kitchen isn’t just for those highly skilled in the culinary arts. Novice and beginner chefs will benefit from the efficient layout, and the smart design makes cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable (which means we’ll do it more, right?)

Some of the items you’ll find are: 

  • Separate refrigerator and freezer
  • Dual commercial quality ovens
  • Six-burner stove top
  • Wine cooler

Gourmet kitchens put frequently used utensils and ingredients within easy reach and are designed around the specific requirements of the individual. A baker’s needs are different from a meat eater or vegetarian. 

In addition to those listed above, here are a few more specialty options:


KItchen Island
Photo: Pankow Construction

Self-Sustaining Island

An island can provide supplementary storage, counter space, electrical outlets, a sink, oven, microwave, and a second dishwasher.

Size and height will vary depending on what specific food is being prepared.



Gourmet Kitchen Island with ceiling ventilation
Photo: Case Design

Industrial-Strength Ventilation

These kitchens usually offer extra cooking elements, such as burners, ovens, a gas grill and separate broilers. This requires a heavy-duty ventilation system.




Stovetop Filling Faucets

Stovetop Pot Filling Faucet
Photo: Amoroso Design

This state-of-the-art feature that offers hands-free faucets and hot water is becoming more common in gourmet kitchen design.







Rollout Kitchen Storage Options

Photo: Al Williams

Innovative Storage Options

Roll out storage takes space-saving to a new level. High-tech kitchens should offer plenty of storage that is easily accessible.

The focus stays on the cooking, not searching for necessary equipment.

Great Gadgets/Accessories

Gourmet kitchens can include frying stations, indoor smokers, and salamander-style broilers (I had to look this up!) 

Pictured below is a countertop steamer that doubles as a warming table. The average kitchen doesn’t offer these specialty items.


Counter top steamer - Kitchen design
Photo: Case Design


While this list isn’t all-inclusive it gives you an idea of the many ways a kitchen can go from average to amazing! If you could have just one of these options, which would you choose?



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