Outset Grillware | Affordable & Functional

Outset brand scallop grill pan

If outdoor grilling is your summertime jam, then stop in to see our Outset grillware. This quality line combines functionality with affordability and will level up your entertaining this summer! 

Pictured above is the Cast Iron Scallop Grill & Serving Pan. It offers the following:

VERSATILITY – The 12″ accommodates scallops, shrimp, lobster tails, and more. The scallop design also makes an attractive table presentation.

DURABILITY – Preseasoned naturally without added oil or fats for a naturally nonstick surface. The pan becomes more flavorful and will last decades with proper care and handling.

HEAT – The size is perfect for transferring from cooktop to oven and heats evenly over any flame.

EASY CARE – Hand wash with warm water only and restore the natural oils; no soap or dishwasher use.

All of the cast iron accessories below have the same features, plus those listed along with each:

Outset brand fish pan with fish, lemons, seasoning & garnish

 Cast Iron Fish Grill & Serving Pan

NO SLIPPING THROUGH THE CRACKS – No worries about filets falling through grill grates. Also great for side dishes like mushrooms, onions, and asparagus.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Suitable for many different cooking methods: frying, sautéing, cooking, grilling, and more. Just be sure to hand wash before first use and dry immediately.





Outset brand oyster gill pan with oysters

Cast Iron Oyster Pan

TWELVE OYSTER CAPABILITY – Able to grill 12 individual oysters on the half shell or shucked. Also, terrific for serving.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – In addition to oysters, this pan is perfect for cooking & serving countless other foods: cornbread, mac & cheese, drop biscuits, and more.

Cast Iron Seafood & Mussel Pot

Outset brand mussel pot containing mussels

SEAFOOD POT with LID – 2.5-quart capacity seafood and mussel pot, perfect for the grill to table. Also safe for use on the grill, stovetop, or oven.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Unique oval design accented with an Acacia wood knob and comfortable handles. Great for cooking mussels or clams with your favorite broth, the lid doubles as a vessel for collecting empty shells.

2 in 1 POT with EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES – The pot features oversized handles for easy grip and a built-in divider for spooning up the broth. Turn the lid over to collect empty shells, while the flat top keeps the lid stable and side handles for easy lifting.

COOKWARE AT ITS FINEST – Turn up the heat in the kitchen with this unique and functional statement piece. Use it as a dutch oven for cooking cioppino, seafood fra diavolo, boullabaise, seafood stew, clam chowder, and more.

Stop in and browse the Outset line and over 7,000 items: cooking equipment, gourmet foods, kitchen gadgets, and entertaining items. We have something you need and many that sure to please every foodie in your life!

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