Some Like It Hot…Especially with Hoff Sauce

Credit: Hoff & Pepper

Winning awards has become a pastime for Hoff & Pepper.

This small Chattanooga based business has won 1st Place at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo three years in a row (2016 – 2018) in the Louisiana style category, as well as 2nd place for the Best Chipotle Sauce. They also took 1st place in Best Package Design in 2017.

This is thanks to Aaron Hoffman’s passion for creating hot sauces & chili powders. His recipe was so well received by family that he and his wife Pepper decided to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and start a business.

Aaron wanted to create an “everyday” sauce, one that would complement breakfast foods to late night snacks (and everything in between!) Achieving a balance of hot, tangy, and savory was the goal. Everyone who samples it agrees that he accomplished the mission. It’s a tasty concoction that enhances a food’s unique flavor as well as adding heat.

Check out the video below to meet Aaron & Pepper and see how this recipe went from their kitchen to so many others!

If you want to spice up your menus, the Happy Eggplant has a “try before you buy” offer going on now. Stop in soon and ask for a sample. We love it and think that you will too!

For more information visit the website at:

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