What Does Every Cook Need, But Hates to Buy?


There are some things professional and novice chefs alike can’t live without: cutting boards, proper knives, saucepans, baking dishes, and the list goes on. These are considered everyday essentials in the kitchen.

But, there are some occasions that call for a specialized device. You know, the kind we don’t have because it’s too expensive, too bulky to store, or we won’t get enough use out of it. So, we improvise with something else, not realizing that there’s a reason why “making do” doesn’t get the job done right.

One example is the mortar and pestle. They’ve been used since ancient times to prepare ingredients for both kitchen and medicine. Despite being as simple as a tool can get, there’s a scientific reason why it’s superior to any blade, blender, or food processor.

While blades cut, the mortar and pestle crush. And crushing is the best way to expel the full-bodied flavors and essential oils of plants. Their rigid, boxy structures trap the flavors inside and must be ruptured to release those flavors. Crushing does this far more effectively than cutting.

Other advantages:

  • Less bruising to herbs
  • Doesn’t generate heat

(Both of which extracts more & brighter flavors)

  • Works efficiently on small amounts

Mortars and pestles come in all sizes and vary from granite to porcelain to grooved. What you plan to do with it determines which option you should buy.

Christmas shopping is well underway, so you may want to consider a mortar & pestle for that favorite foodie. Not only are they effective tools, but they offer aesthetic value to the kitchen, as well! 


Stop in soon to see our wide selection!






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