Know Why Diamonds Are a Happy Cook’s Best Friend?

Because they’re a durable, superior heat conductor and naturally nonstick!

Two decades ago Swiss Diamond began pioneering award-winning, PFOA – free, diamond reinforced, nonstick cookware. It cooks and browns like stainless steel with easy clean-up. The addition of real diamonds reinforces the strength of the coating.

A set of Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Cookware

Features & Benefits of Swiss Diamond Cookware

  • Patented coating technology featuring real diamond crystals
  • Cast aluminum body for perfect heat distribution, shape, and no warping
  • Thick bottom for even heating
  • Thin walls to reduce weight
  • Plasma coating seals cooking surface from cast aluminum body
  • Thick rim to reduce drips
  • Stay cool ergonomic handles
  • Vented tempered glass lids 
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made in Switzerland

Discover the greatest advancement in cookware since the introduction of the nonstick pan!


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