How To Carve a Turkey the Wüsthoff Way


Cooked Turkey on a plate with garnishesNow that the ghosts and goblins have come and gone we can look ahead to the holidays. And first up is Thanksgiving, a time to realize one’s culinary skills (or the lack thereof!) 

But, don’t despair. Between family recipes, cooking websites, and Youtube videos, anyone can create a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. 

It’s important to choose a menu that all dinner guests appreciate and is manageable for the cook.

I know who hates the broccoli rice casserole, so I offer an alternative dish. I have a person who turns their nose up at pumpkin pie (imagine!) So, there’s always apple pie for them.

Interestingly, one of the things I had to learn was how to properly carve a turkey. For years I just “winged it” like a surgeon without any training.

If that sounds familiar then watch this short video from the Wüsthoff Company. In 40 seconds they show how to carve like a pro.

And don’t forget to stop by our Knives 101 event this Friday, November 3, from 9am – 2pm. A representative from Wüsthoff will be demonstrating and answering questions about their fine cutlery. 

Select items from the Wüsthoff product line will be on sale for your Christmas shopping convenience. If your purchase is a gift please let us know. We’ll gladly put it in a gift bag free of charge!



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