Product Spotlight | Gardiner’s of Scotland

A white tin with the word "Thank You" in many languagesHow many ways are there to say Thank You?

Gardiner’s of Scotland has several…and in attractive decorator tins as well!

Established in 1949 and located in Lanark, Scotland this long-established family-owned business manufactures traditional Scottish confectionaries. 

This multilingual tin makes a terrific thank you gift for anyone who enjoys creamy vanilla fudge (contains no hydrogenated oils.)

While it shows appreciation for any favor or kindness, they also offer three additional tins that are a bit more specific:

  • Thanks for looking after my house
  • Thanks for looking after my dog
  • Thanks for looking after my cat

This delicious vanilla fudge is also available in a 7.05 oz. size featured in a gaily colored hummingbird or butterfly tin.

Gardiner's Vanilla Fudge Tin brightly colored with hummingbirds



Here’s a new twist on an old favorite! 

Prepared by hand from a traditional recipe, a generous measure of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey provides a smooth and distinctive flavor to these thick and creamy fudge caramels.

JD fudge contains less than half the fat content of chocolate, ounce for ounce, without any hydrogenated fats or oils.


Hebridean Sea Salt Caramel Fudge in decorator tin

Hebridean Sea Salt Caramel Fudge is manufactured on the banks of Loch Erisort, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Here the sea salt is hand harvested and combined with a simple recipe of sea water, heat, and time. 

This crystal clear sea water surrounds one of the most unspoiled coastlines on the planet.


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