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Product Spotlight: Mrs. Bridges Jellies & Preserves

Mrs. Bridges Jelly.png

The Happy Eggplant is pleased to add Mrs. Bridges to their growing specialty foods line.

Distributed by Great Scot International these quality jellies and preserves are sure to be a welcome addition to your kitchen and table!

We currently carry the following delicious flavors:

  • Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve
  • Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve
  • Morello Cherry Preserve
  • Victoria Plum Preserve
  • The Dundee Orange Marmalade
  • Ginger Curd
  • Port Wine Jelly

Mrs. Bridges got her start as an assistant cook to the fashionable families residing in the country side of Victorian England. 

During her tenure, she collected recipes (called receipts) for everything from basic country cooking to fine French cuisine.

She eventually worked her way up to head cook for a leading Edwardian family and London socialite. Devising elaborate menus, Mrs. Bridges prepared meals for some of the leading figures in the capital, including the Monarch King Edward.

Mrs. Bridges

In 1905 she published a book of recipes called Practical Household Cookery. 

Mrs. Bridges was later immortalized in the 1970s series “Upstairs, Downstairs” along with the butler Mr. Hudson.

Using only the finest ingredients, Mrs. Bridges combines British heritage and tradition in their products. Exclusive to the brand is the signature shape of the jar. Lending a touch of luxury is the classic “mop cap” and bow, which makes it a perfect choice for food gifting.

Treat yourself or someone else to a sample of Mrs. Bridges the next time you visit The Happy Eggplant…see you soon!











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