Ariston: Greek For “The Very Best”

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Ariston History

Ariston Specialties began as a small family business in Bloomfield, CT in 1997. Their goal was to provide a quality cold press extra virgin olive oil to the American market at an affordable price. To achieve this they decided to produce their product in the Kalamata region of Greece using koroneiki variety olives.  

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is made by crushing the olives and extracting the juice. No chemicals or industrial refining is used and there must be no taste defects. Because the oil is fruit juice without additives, the quality and taste are the culmination of several factors:

  • The variety of olives used
  • The territory and soil where they’re grown
  • The decisions and production practices of the producer

After the olive oil business was established they decided to add balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy.

Refill Save.png

Ariston Refill and Save Program

The Refill and Save program, for both olive oil and balsamic vinegar, began in 1997 as a way to protect the environment and keep the prices reasonable. 

Other olive oil companies offer a similar deal but don’t be fooled by the stainless steel container. It’s the quality and taste of what’s inside that counts!

The Happy Eggplant also carries a wide selection of Ariston Infused oil and vinegar. These aren’t included in the refill & save program, but definitely worth considering.

How do basil, chili, and pesto flavored oil sound? 

Or, cherry, fig, and pomegranate vinegar? There’s sure to be a flavor you’ll want to try!

Ariston infused olive oils and vinegars

We’re the only distributor in the area, so be sure to check out the complete Ariston line the next time you visit. See you soon!





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