Mackie’s of Scotland Potato Crisps

Logo_Mackie'sREVWe’re enjoying our new store and hope that everyone has an opportunity to stop by soon. The extra space for both new products and special events is a real advantage! 

And speaking of new products, we’re happy to add Mackie’s of Scotland Potato Crisps to our line of snacks. 

Both the Taylors and Mackies are long established farm families in the Scottish countryside. 

Mackie’s Crisps are made with naturally grown potatoes and cooked gently in High Oleic sunflower oil. The “plow to pack” process gives them a unique taste, which sets them apart from other potato crisps on the market.

The video below offers some history about the company and how these delicious potato crisps are made:



We currently have two flavors:

Haggis FlavorREV                                        Scotch FlavorREV

   Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper                                                 Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper                                                          


Treat the family to a bag of these flavorful, crispy snacks…NEW at The Happy Eggplant!  




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