How One Simple Ingredient Produced An Awesome Success

Product Spotlight:  Robert Rothschild Farm


In 1976 Bob and Sara Rothschild wanted to transition from their urban lives in San Francisco to a slower-paced rural life. They settled in Urbana, Ohio and purchased a 170-acre property. Their goal was to start a family farm business but wasn’t sure what crops to grow. After Bob attended a convention about heritage raspberries he was sold on the idea.

Their hard work and commitment paid off and they yielded hearty crops. The Rothschild Berry Farm was a typical small town operation that employed the couple’s four children and a handful of pickers, planters, and farmers.


Customers could pick their own raspberries (or strawberries) or purchase the baskets of fresh-picked berries that filled the picnic tables in front of the building. The locals appreciated the quality and long lines were commonplace.

A bumper crop in 1984 resulted in the expansion to preserves, where 4,800 jars were made out of the farm’s kitchen. They were sold on the farm and at the locations already selling the berries. The name of the business was then changed to Robert Rothschild Farm.


The product line has since expanded to include condiments, spreads, dips, mustards, baking mixes, pasta sauces, and dessert toppings. The process has changed and new products are no longer made from berries grown on the farm. A product development team oversees the taste-testing, recipe modifications, and adaptations.  


More changes came in 2005 when Bob and Sarah Rothschild retired to work full-time in philanthropy. They sold the company to a private equity firm and the business has since transitioned from a regional company to a national brand. 

Today the products are manufactured in a 51,000 square ft. facility. A majority of these products are certified kosher, in addition to gluten-free and organic non-GMO offerings. The entire line of over 200 products is sold nationally in more than 5,000 stores, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Asia.  


The Rothschild family sums up their success this way:

“That one simple ingredient inspired our original recipes and unique flavor combinations. After over 30 years, we still make every product from scratch, using time-honored techniques, slowly cooking each small batch to perfection. We never settle for just good enough – only the insanely flavorful and truly exceptional.”

We carry a variety of the Robert Rothschild Farm product line because of its “small batch, made from scratch” goodness. Stop by and give it a try!


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