What’s the Amazing Buzz About Bee’s Wrap Reusable Packaging?

Photo: cdn.shopify.com

Do you know what beeswax infused organic cotton + organic jojoba oil + tree resin equals?

It equals a reusable, washable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap, and THAT really is amazing!

You’ve probably heard how single-use plastics are damaging the environment, so eliminating plastic wrap would make a huge difference. It contributes to the growing plastic pollution problem, is difficult to recycle, and is made of potentially harmful chemicals. Despite all this, Americans buy enough plastic wrap to shrink wrap the state of Texas. 

But, there’s hope! Consumer research group Nielsen estimates that we’ll spend $150 billion on a wide variety of sustainable products this year. 

Alternatives to Plastic 

  • Reusable wax wraps
  • Glass containers
  • Aluminum foil

Foil is made from aluminum, the same material as soda pop cans. Unfortunately, it’s often contaminated with food or combined with plastic, which renders it unfit for the recycle bin. However, there are ways to prepare aluminum for recycling. 

Bee's Wrap Explorer Pack Reusable wraps.
   Credit: Pinterest

Use and Care

The warmth from your hands makes the Bee’s Wrap supple enough to wrap around food and containers. Within a few seconds it cools and forms a seal.

With proper care the packaging lasts approximately one year. It will wear thin and no longer stick to itself. At that point it should be cut into strips and added to the compost bin. Or, it may also be used as a natural fire starter.

Bee’s Wrap should be washed in cool water with mild soap and air dried only. You must avoid all heat sources such as: warm water, microwaves, clothes dryers, ovens, hot cars, and any “not-quite-cooled” leftovers. 

Please note: When first removed from it’s packaging there is a scent of beeswax, which fades with use and washing. Also, Bee’s Wraps are not recommended for raw meat or fish.

Example of sandwich size Bee's Wrap Reusable packaging
Credit: target.com

The Happy Eggplant carries the following selection of Bee’s Wraps:

  • Baguette
  • Bread
  • Sandwich
  • Lunch Pack
  • Assorted Pack
  • Explorer Pack 
  • Single – Large
  • Single – Medium
  • Single – Small


It’s time for other alternatives to plastic. Bee’s Wraps are a sensible option and make a great gift for the environmentally-conscious people on your list, including yourself.

Stop in to see our selection soon! 






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